My name is Sinclair Boyd III.  Many people in the biker community know me as "Soul City" president of the East
Stroudsburg chapter Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club.  First, I like to say thank you for visiting our website.
The National Buffalo Soldiers & Troopers Motorcycle Club Is a non-profit organization and do not claim any territory.  We represent the original Buffalo Soldiers that help defend our country after the Civil War between 1866-1944.  We take pride in giving back to our community and donating to selected charity groups. 

So many of us grew up without knowing anything about the Buffalo Soldiers and the 9th and 10th calvary. We try at are very best to give out that knowledge.  We ride out to schools, churches and anyone who wish to learn more about the original Buffalo Soldiers.

Many of our members have Military and Law Enforcement back grounds.  We also have Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants and many other professionals.  We are always looking for good people to help us give back in the sport of motorcycling.  Thanks again and It's all good.


Soul City
East Stroudsburg Buffalo Soldiers

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